New Perspectives on Baroque Art and Culture

Einar Petterson, Professor of Art History at the

University of Oslo organized this symposium and


Lectures were held by:

Einar Petterson, Prof. University of Oslo

Carolyn Smyth,  Prof. John Cabot University, Rome

Antonella de Michelis, PhD, University of California

Daniela Dumbrava, PhD, American Academy in Rome

Ingrid Rowland, Prof. University of Notre Dame, Rome

Eric Bianchi, cand. PhD, American Academy, Rome

Arne Holm, dr.polit., University of Oslo

Joris van Gastel, cand. PhD, University of Leiden

The Workshop was led by:

Mieke Bal, Prof. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts

and Sciences

4-5 June 2009, at the Norwegian Institute in Rome.

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